Bloomberg Terminal Offers Hands-on Experience for UM Business Majors

Resource helps students learn real-time data and trading skills

Bloomberg account manager Bilan Stribling demonstrates the functions of the Bloomberg Terminal to Ole Miss business students at a meeting of the Financier’s Club. Photo by Shikha Shrestha

OXFORD, Miss. – The University of Mississippi School of Business Administration is providing its students access to the Bloomberg Terminal to better prepare them for the workplace.

The Bloomberg Terminal is a global financial services database that offers information and research to financial professionals. However, it supplies several key benefits for students, including professional networking and career preparation research.

Exposure to the terminal also introduces Ole Miss business students to an industry standard.

“Students can look up and potentially connect with alumni who also use Bloomberg, and they can research the companies with which they are interviewing,” said Bonnie Van Ness, chair of the Department of Banking and Finance. “Not only can students show potential employers their market and industry knowledge by earning a Bloomberg certification, (but) they can use the Bloomberg Terminal to network and assist in their job searches.”

The resources the Bloomberg Terminal holds for university-level and professional-level financial research is extensive. The terminal allows users to engage with companies, prospective employers and all other parties who have access to it.

Along with other top universities, the business school recognizes the terminal as a tool to help further students in their journey toward success in the workplace.

“Being adept at navigating the terminal puts Ole Miss students steps ahead of their competition,” said Andrew Lynch, a faculty adviser of the Financier’s Club. “Bloomberg is the gold standard for financial information and analysis.

“Being trained in using it gives our students a competitive advantage on the job market.”

Not only does access to the terminal benefit students’ futures, but it can also be helpful while they at the university.

Bilan Stribling, a Bloomberg account manager, highlighted the importance of seeking knowledge outside the classroom during a recent demonstration for members of the Financier’s Club.

“One of the key things that Bloomberg does is that it gives you information and data that may support you in academia,” Stribling said. “It also gives you an opportunity to think outside of the classroom.”

Students are also finding the benefits of the terminal demonstration to be numerous.

“It’ll be helpful with alumni and in looking for jobs in the future,” said Jake Christenson, a managerial finance major from Stonington, Connecticut.

Van Ness is hopeful that Ole Miss students will utilize the resources at the business school and take advantage of the Bloomberg Terminal.

“Having a Bloomberg Terminal at UM provides our students with real-world business information and with an additional tool for career preparation,” Van Ness said. “Bloomberg Terminals are used at most finance- and investment-related businesses, so learning to use a Bloomberg Terminal will give students an advantage.”

Student access to the terminal for research purposes can be gained by filling out an “Acceptable Use” form, which allows 24/7 individual or group entry to the room housing the terminal.