‘LMR Live’ Airs Sunday from the Lyceum

Live-streaming talk show focuses on arts in the community

Members of the Living Music Resource ‘Dream Team’ – (from left) Reagan Arnold, Haley Tyrrell, Ava Street, Lilly Swilly, Nancy Maria Balach, Brady Bramlett, Alexis Rose and Korynn Lacher – celebrate the first-ever broadcast of ‘LMR Live’ from the UM Lyceum. Photo by Kevin Bain/Ole Miss Digital Imaging Services

OXFORD, Miss. – “LMR Live,” the University of Mississippi‘s web-based talk show about music and the arts, will stream its latest show at 4 p.m. Sunday (Oct. 20), from the Lyceum for the very first time.

“We are thrilled to be airing the show from the Lyceum’s beautiful parlor,” said Brady Bramlett, executive managing director of the Living Music Resource. “As the heart of the university, the Lyceum is the perfect place to locate ‘LMR Live,’ which connects the university not only to our community of Oxford, but to communities and schools all across the country and abroad via our live stream.”

The episode focuses on arts in community, he said.

“Music, visual art, theater, and literature can work to build up our communities in areas like tourism, literacy and programming for youth,” Bramlett said. “The arts can improve the way our community spaces look, and they’ve been shown to deepen student learning in the classroom.

“The arts help a community express its personality, and that brings people together.”

The guests on this episode – Oxford Mayor Robin Tannehill; Cheryle Sims, director of the Gertrude C. Ford Foundation; and Provost Noel Wilkin – all understand the role that arts can play in a community.

Tannehill has long supported arts programs that connect the university and the community, such as Thacker Mountain Jr. and the Double Decker festival, which she started.

“Robyn’s leadership has helped the city of Oxford collaborate with the university and community organizations to leverage the arts for public benefit,” Bramlett said.

The Gertrude C. Ford Foundation is an important funding partner for arts efforts across the state, and Sims champions the benefits that arts programs and institutions bring to Mississippi communities.

“Cheryle Sims is an incredibly positive force in the arts,” said Nancy Maria Balach, artistic director of Living Music Resource and interim chair and associate professor of music at Ole Miss. “Our audience will be interested by her story and her relationship with Gertrude C. Ford.”

Wilkin also has shown a strong commitment to the university’s arts efforts, she said.

“He’s a supporter of arts events at UM and in the community, and immediately recognized the value of ‘LMR Live’ airing from the Lyceum,” Balach said. “It’s a space that embodies our rich history, and airing our show from that space lets the arts be part of creating our ongoing narrative.”

“LMR Live” is one of the programs produced by Living Music Resource, a project of the Department of Music that celebrates music and the role of music and the arts in community and education.

LMR students expand what they learn in the classroom through real-world experience, skill-building and connections with professionals in music and music education. “LMR Live” is produced by the LMR student “Dream Team,” under the leadership of Bramlett and Balach.

To watch the show online, go to http://livingmusicresource.com/. Viewers also can access the show’s archive of past episodes.