Memberships Benefit Campus Health Care

Ole Miss Alumni Association contributes more than $15,000 to University Health Services

Kirk Purdom (right), executive director of the Ole Miss Alumni Association, presents a donation to Alex Langhart (center), director of University Health Services, and Laura Woods, operations supervisor, at the V.B. Harrison Health Center on the Oxford campus. Photo by Steve Mullen/Ole Miss Alumni Association

OXFORD, Miss. – Nearly 1,500 members of the Ole Miss Alumni Association recently contributed to the University of Mississippi‘s Health Services department just by renewing their membership or joining for the first time.

The association donated $15,715 raised during its fall 2020 membership campaign to help meet the health care needs of student, faculty and staff.

To support its battle against the COVID-19 pandemic as well as normal health needs, a portion of dues from each new or renewed annual, three-year, parent and life membership received by the Alumni Association from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2020, was set aside for donation to University Health Services. A special “Fight for Your Ole Miss” car decal, inspired by a line in the “Forward Rebels” fight song, was also sent to participating members so they could display their support.

“Providing health services for students during the pandemic has presented many challenges,” said Alex Langhart (BA 12, MHCA 15), director of University Health Services. The health center’s providers and staff have risen to the occasion to provide testing and public health guidance concerning COVID-19, he added.

“In caring for our student population, we need enhanced infection controls, quality safety measures and an abundance of personal protective equipment for our staff,” he said. “We are so grateful for the support of the Alumni Association. With their help, we can continue to secure the supplies we need to best serve our campus community during this unprecedented time.”

The association is grateful to those who participated in this campaign, said Kirk Purdom (BA 93), OMAA executive director.

“It is appropriate that the Alumni Association join the fight to protect our students and campus community during this challenging time,” he said. “As our fight song says, we will always fight for Ole Miss.”