Oxford Businessman Mick Kolassa Named Pharmacy Administration Alumnus of the Year


Donna West-Strum, chair of the Department of Pharmacy Administration at the University of Mississippi, presents Oxford businessman E.M. ‘Mick’ Kolassa with the department’s Alumnus of the Year award during recent School of Pharmacy Alumni Weekend activities. Photo by Scott Thompson.

OXFORD, Miss. – Oxford businessman E.M. “Mick” Kolassa has been recognized as the Alumnus of the Year by the University of Mississippi Department of Pharmacy Administration.

Selection is based on contributions to the discipline of pharmacy administration. He was honored during School of Pharmacy Alumni Weekend March 6-7.

Kolassa is chairman and managing partner of Medical Marketing Economics LLC. He received his doctorate in pharmacy administration from UM in 1995.

“Dr. Kolassa is most deserving of this award,” said Donna West-Strum,
department chair. “He is an expert in pharmaceutical pricing and has
contributed significantly to research and scholarship in pharmacy
administration. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Kolassa for his
commitment of time and other resources to the pharmacy administration
graduate program.”

Kolassa is recognized internationally as a leading expert on
pharmaceutical pricing and value-based strategies. He is an adjunct
professor of pharmacy administration at the UM School of Pharmacy and
adjunct professor of pharmaceutical business at the University of the
Sciences in Philadelphia. He is editor of the Journal of Pharmaceutical
Marketing and Management, author of several articles and book chapters
on pharmaceutical marketing and pricing issues, and co-author of the
book “Pharmaceutical Marketing: Principles, Environment and Practice.”

Before forming MME, Kolassa was associate professor of pharmacy
administration and associate professor of marketing at UM. He
previously served as director of pricing and economic policy at Sandoz,
where he created and instituted that company’s first pricing and health
economics departments. He also held positions at the Upjohn Co., the
Strategic Pricing Group and Hastings Healthcare.

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