Pharmacy Faculty Recognized for Teaching Excellence


Stephen J. Cutler

Miss. – Several faculty members in the University of Mississippi School
of Pharmacy were honored with awards for teaching excellence during the
school’s recent graduation ceremonies.

Stephen J. Cutler
received the Pharmaceutical Science Teaching Award from the bachelor’s
of science in pharmaceutical science class, Sharon R. Dickey and
Deborah L. Minor received the Roche Preceptor of the Year Award and
Daniel M. Riche was honored with the Clinical Science Teaching Award.

Roche Preceptor of the Year Awards are voted on by the doctor of
pharmacy graduating class. The Clinical Science Award is given annually
by the members of the doctor of pharmacy class to a member of the
pharmacy practice faculty.

Serving as chair and professor of medicinal chemistry, Cutler teaches Medicinal Chemistry of Therapeutic Agents to the fourth-year


Sharon R. Dickey

Debbie Minor

pharmacy students. His research interests include evaluating natural products for effects on the central nervous system, as well as anti-infective agents. Funding for his research is from federal and private sources, including the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the U.S. departments of Defense and Agriculture. This is the second consecutive year Cutler has received the award.

Dickey is clinical assistant professor of pharmacy practice and drug information specialist at the UM Medical Center. An emergency medicine preceptor for 15 years, her practice site is the adult emergency medicine department at UMMC. She was the recipient of the school’s Clinical Science Teaching Award in 1999 and 2003.


Daniel Riche

Minor is executive vice chair and associate professor at the UM School of Medicine. She has more than 25 years of experience as a preceptor in community pharmacy, managed care, ambulatory care and research settings. Her practice and teaching site is the Hypertension Clinic at UMMC.

Riche is assistant professor in the departments of Pharmacy Practice and Medicine at UMMC. He is president-elect of the Mississippi College of Clinical Pharmacy and was named a UM Research Fellow in 2008.

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