RebelWell Adds More Wellness Options for Employees

Partnership with Deer Oaks EAP yields benefits for UM faculty and staff

UM employees participate in a RebelWell event celebrating National Walking Day. Photo by Logan Kirkland/Ole Miss Digital Imaging Services

OXFORD, Miss. – RebelWell, the University of Mississippi‘s initiative to foster healthy lifestyles among employees, has expanded its offerings to include confidential mental health counseling, financial counseling and other wellness and work-life balance resources.

The new services are offered through the Deer Oaks Employee Assistance Program. All services are free and confidential and available to benefits-eligible employees, their dependent children and anyone living in their household.

These services will enhance the existing benefits RebelWell offers to employees, such as nutrition and physical activity programs, as well as special wellness events. 

“Some of our most popular events have been hands-on cooking classes, guided walking events, book clubs and other opportunities for employees to engage in wellness activities while strengthening community and their relationships with others across campus,” said Jennifer Payne, director of the RebelWell program in the Department of Human Resources.

Services offered through RebelWell and Deer Oaks include:

Mental health counseling: Employees are eligible for up to six confidential counseling sessions per person, per issue, per year. Counseling is available via phone, video or in-person at local providers’ offices. Deer Oaks also may help with referring employees to additional mental health providers. This service is available in addition to on-campus counseling at the University Counseling Center.

Work-life services: Work-life consultants can help locate resources such as pet sitters, event planners, home repair, tutors, travel planning and moving services. 

Legal and financial counseling: Employees are eligible for a free 30-minute consultation with a licensed lawyer or accredited financial counselor. If representation is required, employees may receive a 25% discount on subsequent fees.

Take the High Road ride reimbursement program: Up to $45 reimbursement is available for a one-time cab, Lyft or Uber fare in the event an employee is unable to drive due to impairment by a substance or extreme emotional condition. 

Wellness resources: The Deer Oaks website offers a library of webinars on a variety of wellness topics.

“Our faculty and staff asked for these resources, so we’re excited to partner with Deer Oaks, which has 30 years’ experience in this work, to provide a range of useful services to our employees and their families,” said Lynn Wilkins, work-life program manager.

Employees can access these free and confidential services by contacting Deer Oaks at 888-993-7650 or, or by using the Deer Oaks website at with both the username and password “staywell.”

The iConnectYou app also can connect employees to these new services, as well as connect to professionals for phone, video or chat-based support and help finding wellness resources. Download the iConnectYou app and register using the passcode 231711.