School of Applied Sciences Lauds Annual Research Symposium Winners

Students present research in broad range of fields

Ovuokerie Addoh (left) and Emily Frith bring home first- and second-place awards in the Eighth Annual Graduate Student Council Research Symposium. Photo by Paul Loprinzi

OXFORD, Miss. – Administrators and faculty in the School of Applied Sciences offer congratulations to the school’s winners of the Graduate Student Council’s Eighth Annual Research Symposium:

  • Christopher Hill, Sam Wilson, James Grant Mouser, Caleb Williams, Lauren Luginsland and Harish Chander for their third-place podium session, “Impact Of Repeated Balance Perturbations on Lower Extremity Lean Muscle Activity”
  • Daegeun (Dan) Kim, Eun-Kyong (Cindy) Choi, Euntae (Ted) Lee for their second-place podium session, “The Secret to Winning the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence: A Case Study on Hotels”
  • Jeremiah Blough and Paul D. Loprinzi for their first-place podium session, “Experimentally Investigating the Joint Effects of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior on Depression and Anxiety: A Randomized Controlled Trial”
  • Kurt Pollack, Georgianna Mann and Kathy Wachter for their third-place poster session, “The Relationship Between Millenials’ Health-Related Lifestyle Behaviors and Label Attitudes and Their Purchase Intention of Organic and Non-GMO Produce”
  • Emily Frith and Paul Loprinzi for their second-place poster session, “Experimental Investigation of Exercise-Related, Perceived Hedonic Responses to Preferred Versus Imposed Media Content”
  • Kirby Rhodes for her second-place poster session, “Police Officers and Procedural Justice: The Forgotten Perspective”
  • Ovuokerie Addoh and Paul D. Loprinzi for their first-place poster session, “Experimental Investigation of Priming Hedonic Responses to Acute Exercise: Pilot Study”

The symposium acts as a mini-conference, allowing graduate students to discuss their research through podium and poster presentations in the categories of social sciences, education, business, accounting, physical and life sciences, arts, humanities, journalism, mathematics, computer science and engineering.

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