Fox News: Shepard Smith sits down with Eli Manning

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Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning Visits Batson Children’s Hospital

New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning visited sick and injured kids at Batson Children’s Hospital in April 2012. The two-time Super Bowl MVP is no stranger to Mississippi’s only children’s hospital. It’s home to the Eli Manning Children’s Clinics. | by Jim Albritton.

Clarion Ledger: Oxford perfect fit for ‘just’ Eli

Oxford, Eli Manning’s chosen hometown, surely will pull hard for the New York Giants in Sunday’s Super Bowl. Read the story

NY Giants Quarterback, Wife Give $1 Million to Support Need-based Scholarships at Ole Miss

OXFORD, Miss. – New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his wife, Abby, are ensuring some of Mississippi’s neediest students are able to pursue college degrees at the University of Mississippi. They have announced a $1 million gift to Ole Miss Opportunity, a need-based scholarship program. Eli and Abby Manning (from left) visit with University ofRead the story …