UM’s Six Most Interesting Research Stories of 2014

From tortoises to teachers, scientific strides made national headlines

Seedling Growth Experiment Team

John Z. Kiss (right foreground), dean of the University of Mississippi Graduate School, stands with his hand on the experimental containers with seeds that will be launched on SpaceX2 for the Seedling Growth experiment on the ISS. Kiss is shown with the personnel at the Ames Research Center (NASA) who are involved in the preparation of the space experiment.

As the state of Mississippi’s flagship institution of higher learning, the University of Mississippi has a proven track record for conducting major research projects in every discipline imaginable. Faculty, staff and students continued to make progress this year, thanks to substantial grants and partnerships with other universities and agencies.

While athletics and academics continue generating the lion’s share of media attention for UM, here are six of the most interesting research stories of 2014 that you may have missed:

What interesting UM research projects will make headlines in 2015? Stay tuned Ole Miss News for the latest.