WAMU-AM: UM Geologists Exploring Fault Lines in Nation’s Capital


This stone structure is located at the intersection of Adams Mill and Clydesdale Place. It marks a fault line. Dave Stroup / DCist

Meet The Geologists Mapping D.C. And All Of Its Faults

By Martin Austermuhle/”DCist,” WAMU-AM

If you ask most people in D.C. about fault lines, there’s a fair chance they’ll think you’re asking about politics and muse on the growing gap between Democrats and Republicans. Greg Easson, on the other hand, thinks about gaps between two massive blocks of rock – and he’s here in D.C. specifically looking for them.

Easson is part of a small team of geologists from the University of Mississippi who are currently in D.C. tracing a number of fault lines across the city, from the relatively well-known Overthrust Fault in Adams Morgan (you may even have walked right by the fault and not even known about it) to other fault lines around the National Mall and Washington Monument.

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