Acoustics Summer School Draws International Scientists, Students to UM

PASS 2022 features four days of lectures, discussions and demonstrations

Mark Hamilton, a mechanical engineering professor and acoustics researcher at the University of Texas, discusses his work in nonlinear acoustics during the 2022 Physical Acoustics Summer School at UM. Photo by Kevin Bain/Ole Miss Digital Imaging Services

OXFORD, Miss. – Graduate and postgraduate students from four countries are on the University of Mississippi campus this week to learn the latest in cutting-edge physical acoustics, including infrasound, medical acoustics, thermoacoustics, nonlinear acoustics, waves and bubbles.

Physical Acoustics Summer School 2022 is hosted by the university’s National Center for Physical Acoustics, with support from the University of Texas and the Acoustical Society of America. The sessions began Sunday (June 5) and run through Friday (June 10) at The Inn at Ole Miss.

This year’s edition of PASS includes 35 students from the United Kingdom, Russia, Netherlands and United States, who are participating in an intense series of lectures highlighting important topical research. The week also includes plenty of time for more informal conversations that can range from highly technical to career paths.

“The Physical Acoustics Summer School has a rich history of over 30 years of convening talented graduate students from multiple countries for a week to learn advanced concepts in the physics of acoustics and applications from world-renowned experts,” said Josh Gladden, UM vice chancellor of research and sponsored programs, professor of physics and director for PASS 2022.

Josh Gladden, UM vice chancellor for research and sponsored programs, addresses participants at the 2022 Physical Acoustics Summer School, being conducted at The Inn at Ole Miss. Photo by Kevin Bain/Ole Miss Digital Imaging Services

“PASS graduates have gone on to accomplish highly impactful research and reach leadership positions in academia, government and industry. The University of Mississippi, home of the National Center for Physical Acoustics, is proud to host PASS for the third time.”

Acoustics has wide application areas, including biomedical ultrasound, jet noise reduction, novel materials, weather hazards and atmospheric science, Gladden said.

Participants said the sessions will help them as they aim for careers in the field.

“I was inspired to come to PASS after hearing how fun and educational, at the same time, it can be,” said Ekaterina “Katie” Ponomarchuk, a graduate student from Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia. “It’s also a chance for me to immerse myself into American culture and get to know my peers in acoustics from different universities.

“I look forward to attending expert lectures and meeting new colleagues, as well enjoying a nice summer week along the way.”

Cameron A. McCormick, a postdoctoral appointee at Pennsylvania State University, said he came to PASS to learn about topics that aren’t in his program or that he didn’t have time to take.

“There aren’t many opportunities like PASS available to young acousticians,” he said. “A big part of it is also hanging out with researchers and fellow acoustics students from all over in a low-key environment where we’re all on the same level.”

The inaugural school was held in 1992 in Monterey, California, in cooperation with the Naval Post Graduate School. The program later moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, with Los Alamos National Laboratory as a supporting institution.

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