The Gift of Barry Hannah

Housed in UM’s Archives and Special Collections are the notebooks and manuscript for author Barry Hannah’s novel, “Hey, Jack.” Author and UM Instructor Tom Franklin, who admired Barry Hannah long before working along side him at Ole Miss, shares what a gift it is to have these items.

Revolutionary War Letters

Revolutionary War general Nathanael Greene’s letters are house at the University of Mississippi’s Archives and Special Collections. Included in the collection are letters from John Hancock, George Washington and other important Revolutionary War figures.

Choctaw Speller

A rare Choctaw spelling book and Choctaw catechism are stored in the University of Mississippi’s Archives and Special Collections.

Civil War Letterbook

A Civil War Letterbook that records events from 1864 provides a look at the day to day life of a Confederate camp during the end of the war. Video by Mary Stanton.

Natchez Trace Letters

UM Archives houses letters written by Roane Fleming Byrnes, the Queen of the Natchez Trace. It was her effort to have the Trace set aside as parkway that has preserved it for future generations. Video by Mary Stanton & Erin Parsons.

A Roman Spring for Mrs. Stone

UM’s Archives and Special Collections holds the script of actress Vivien Leigh for Tennessee Williams’ story, “A Roman Spring for Mrs. Stone.” English Professor Dr. Colby Kullman relates how groundbreaking this work was. Video by Mary Stanton.

Confederate Spy Belle Edmondson

UM Archives & Special Collections hold the letters and diaries of Confederate spy Belle Edmondson. While living in Memphis, Edmondson traversed the Civil War lines to bring medical supplies and news about loved ones to families in Mississippi.

A Letter from Chancellor Dan Jones

We all love the lore of hidden treasure. And some of the best “hidden” treasures are often hidden in plain sight. Such is the case, we believe, with many of the Treasures of Ole Miss. The University of Mississippi is blessed with a wide variety of archival treasures that have been collected over the 162Read the story …