Alcohol Use Disorder Topic for Virtual Science Cafe

Indiana researcher to discuss study during Feb. 16 event on Zoom

Nicholas Timme

OXFORD, Miss. – The use of rodents in examining alcohol use disorder is the topic for a virtual Oxford Science Cafe scheduled for Tuesday (Feb. 16).

The virtual program sponsored by the University of Mississippi Department of Physics and Astronomy will be hosted on Zoom beginning at 6 p.m. Nicholas Timme, a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Psychology at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis will discuss “Examining compulsive drinking in a rodent model of alcohol use disorder.”

“Alcohol use disorder is a devastating disease that negatively affects millions of Americans and costs billions of dollars a year,” Timme said. “A key feature of AUD is compulsive drinking, wherein a person continues to consume alcohol despite negative consequences.”

Questions to be addressed during the 45-minute webcast include general theories of AUD and Timme’s research on compulsive drinking in a rodent model of AUD.

“In addition, I’ll talk about my somewhat unusual career path from physics to neuroscience,” he said.

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