Buffett and Students

UM students and faculty members who met recently with Warren Buffet are (front row, from left) Charles Fillmore, of Fort Worth, Texas; Akilah Showers, of Memphis; Ian Soileau, of Hernando; Buffet; Kyle Cullen, of Houston, Texas; Grant Wiley, of Dallas; Jocelyn Cropper, of Houston, Texas; and Nicole Georgis, of Downers Grove, Illinois; and (back row, from left) Parker Rutherford, of Vicksburg; Stephen Fier, associate professor of finance; Renee Kakadia, of Brookhaven; Travis Box, assistant professor of finance; Aziz Al Maskari, of Oman; Tyler Adams, of Van Alstyne, Texas; Cameron Iadeluca, of North Kingstown, Rhode Island; Sam Sexton, of Perry, Georgia; Christian May, of Memphisl Makail Johannesson, of Red Lake, Ontario; Lamar Norsworthy, of Memphis; Ashley Glennon, of Austin, Texas; Andrew Lynch, assistant professor of finance; Alexis Dibenedetto, of Auburn, Alabama; Bailey Currie, of St. Louis; and Hannah Clark, of Jackson. Photo by Valerie Wham/Berkshire Hathaway