Campus Organization Gives Students Chance to Compete in OLEMPICS Games

OXFORD, Miss. – Visitors at the University of Mississippi’s Turner Center probably would not expect to see a medal ceremony taking place, but that’s exactly what happened there recently.

The International Student Organization conducted OLEMPICS 2012, an eight-day athletic event for students, scholars, faculty and staff, to increase interaction among international students through recreational activities. The goal was to get them involved in other areas besides academics.“We try to plan a different activity each year”, said Harsh Kandoi, ISO president. “This year was sports, and the students really seemed to enjoy it.”

The event, which began Sept. 14 and lasted through Sept. 21, had at least 196 students, faculty and staff sign up. Students had an opportunity to participate in a variety of sports, including badminton, table tennis, racquetball, squash, indoor soccer, indoor volleyball, football and indoor cricket.

The winners of each event received gold, silver or bronze medals, and each individual received a complimentary T-shirt for their participation in the games.

“I enjoyed the friendly social atmosphere that OLEMPICS fostered and offered,” said Amir Aziz, ISO vice-president. “Everyone was relaxed and bonding over a common love for sports.”

The International Student Organization is a student-run group that promotes awareness of different cultures on campus. ISO’s aim is to create an enjoyable experience for both international and American students.

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