Chucky Mullins Roundabout Open

Roundabout includes pedestrian crosswalks

The new roundabout at Chucky Mullins Drive opened Friday afternoon. Photo by Robert Jordan/Ole Miss Communications

OXFORD, Miss. – The roundabout at the Chucky Mullins Drive entrance to the University of Mississippi campus opened to traffic beginning Friday afternoon (Aug. 11).

Construction began in May on the roundabout, located at the intersection of Hill Drive and Hathorn Road, to alleviate increased traffic congestion in the area over the past few years. Pedestrian crosswalks have also been placed at each point of entry to the roundabout.

“Since roundabouts allow for the continuous flow of traffic at reduced speeds, we believe this design will improve traffic flow and allow more cars per minute to pass through than the old, four-way stop,” said Dave LaBanc, project coordinator.

Drivers are reminded to:

  • Approach roundabouts with caution and at a reduced speed
  • Watch for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Enter the roundabout only after yielding to oncoming traffic
  • Choose a clearly marked lane in the roundabout based on which direction they will exit
  • Use their turn signal as they approach the exit

Drivers should never stop in the middle of the roundabout, as that will cause congestion and increase the likelihood of an accident.