Clarion-Ledger: Top Spots for Birding in Mississippi

Storks, eagles and spoon-billed-flamingos: Top spots for fall birding in Mississippi

By Brian Broom, Clarion-Ledger

A stork with a head that resembles a vulture. A flamingo-like bird with a beak shaped like a wooden spoon. Another that seems to glide forever and rarely flaps its wings.

Mississippi is home to a wide variety of birds and others fly in and out of the state as they migrate from summer to winter grounds. With fall almost here, many species are on the move, making this a great time to encounter some not-so-common birds.

“The fall is really a fun time to bird in Mississippi, especially in the Delta area because we get a lot of birds that are charismatic and easy to see,” said Jason Hoeksema, president of the conservation group Delta Wind Birds and a University of Mississippi biology professor. “Fall in Mississippi is the time when some birds are more prominent. They become easier to find.”

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