J.D. Williams Library Puts Students in Motion

155784530The J.D. Williams library is now home to four exercise bikes, offering students an active option while studying.

Dr. James Spell and his wife, Markie, provided the funding for the bikes, which cost $400 each.

Spell, a University of Mississippi surgery resident from 1959 to 1964, said he was visiting Oxford when he discovered the bikes were on the library’s wish list in the Keywords publication.

“That struck my imagination as I recalled those four and six hour study sessions in the medical library at UMC  as a surgical resident.  I was fighting exhaustion and sleepiness most of the time.  I thought:  “what a great idea, to ride on a stationary bike to get energized and waked up.  Why didn’t some think of this decades ago”?

Spell said he couldn’t wait to contact the library the next day, fearing someone had already provided the funding.

The bikes are now available for student use during library hours and are located in room 310B.

Spell said he had the opportunity to see the bikes in action a fews months after the donation.

“They were everything we had imagined and more,” he said. “We are extremely gratified we had the opportunity to connect to the library in this fashion, and we will be very happy if the bikes are helpful to Ole Miss library students.”

University libraries development officer Angela Barlow said the library is very appreciative of the contribution from the Spells.

“Their gift will provide numerous students with a unique study break activity within our library walls,” Barlow said. “The university library is ever-changing, being innovative and supportive of our university’s committee needs. With donors such as the Spells, these progressive visions are possible.”