Landscape University Uses Visual Art to Teach Landscaping

In a world where we are bombarded with visual stimulation from the minute we awake until the moment we fall asleep mid-tweet, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach your target audience. Humor always works but can be tricky to pull off for a wide audience. Shock works, too, but can turn off viewers if executed poorly.

Another option is to go against convention and try to catch viewers off their guard. That’s just what Jeff McManus, UM director of landscape services, chose to do with a video promoting the Landscape University program. Foregoing the standard beauty shots of campus, McManus approached us about developing a video filled with vivid, eye-catching graphics that would draw in viewers.

McManus turned over the creative reins and let us develop a concept from the spark of an idea to completion. We brainstormed ideas, storyboarded the layout of each scene, designed the graphics and animated the movement of dozens of elements involved. The result is a sleek, animated piece, which simultaneously shows off the beauty of campus while highlighting the program’s effectiveness.