Magnolia Tribune: UM Develops Future Leaders, Drives Job Creation and Pioneers Solutions

University of Mississippi Builds Legacies

By Glenn Boyce

As Mississippians, each of us is vested in the vitality of our great state and the quality of life for our people. Even if they never set foot on one of our seven campuses, all Mississippians benefit from the University of Mississippi.

This goes beyond our $2.9 billion impact equal to approximately 2.6% of the total gross state product of Mississippi. It goes beyond that our activities support one out of every 37 jobs in Mississippi. It even goes beyond that for every dollar of public money invested in educating students, taxpayers receive an average of $4.40 in return, an annual rate of return of 10.6%.

The University of Mississippi matters because we develop future leaders, drive job and business creation, pioneer new solutions and serve our neighbors and communities.

People are the most important component propelling our state’s vitality and growth. As a flagship university, we educate, mentor and guide students on their paths to becoming the next generation of leaders to meet current needs and future challenges.

Ole Miss graduates are pursuing successful careers and have been named best in the state at finding employment and keeping it, with data showing an employment rate of 91.42% for our students 10 years after graduation. They are also building fulfilling lives and will receive $1.8 billion in higher future earnings over their working lives because of their education.

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