Meek Hall: Add A Little Art to Your Day

A student from the University of Mississippi artwork from Chung-Fan Chang at Meek Hall's Gallery 130.

Winter at Ole Miss does not take away from the allure of the campus but it demands patience while it rests awaiting the first offerings of spring.

On certain days, the cold cuts through the layers of clothes and skin only to be felt in my bones as I hurry to work each morning. And, on certain days, my job requires me to brave the elements more than once. When that is the case, I always know where I will stop to rejuvenate with some warmth and find a little inspiration along the way.

Gallery 130 at Meek Hall, offers glimpses into artwork conceptualized by students, faculty and visiting artists to Ole Miss. It offers a place where I not only find warmth on a cold day, but a place I find solace by taking a moment to step back from my own thoughts and embrace someone else’s joy, agony, pain, confusion, etc. through their artwork.

Kite; The Act of Drawing by Chung-Fan Chang, is currently on display. The pen mark installation throughout the gallery is, “executed through applying endless scribbles, which connect to the state of mind and its spirituality. “The large-scale abstract landscape installation forces the viewer into the aggressive suggestion of motion and emotion while quietly breathing through each pen mark,” according to her website.

In the anticipation of spring’s bright colors, a different variety of bright colors can be found there just off of Rebel Drive. Luckily, for me and anyone else who takes a few minutes out of their day to enjoy whatever exhibits are on display, Gallery 130 explores many artistic mediums and is always worth taking a look inside to see what’s new.