Publishing Executive: Director of UM Magazine Innovation Center Pens Piece on Isolated Connectivity, Future of Magazines

“On Isolated Connectivity, Social Distancing, and the Future of Magazines”

By Samir Husni for Publishing Executive

A few years back I coined the phrase “Isolated Connectivity” after a friend of mine told me the following story:

“One day I came home from work to find my son watching something on his laptop and texting at the same time. I asked him, ‘What are you doing?’ My son answered, ‘Duh, can’t you see, I am watching a movie.’

I responded, ‘But you are also texting.’ His response: ‘Duh, I am texting with my girlfriend who is watching the same movie at home.’

That made me think, so I asked, ‘Why don’t you just take your girlfriend to the movies and watch together, like the good old days?’

My son replied, ‘Duh again, Dad, we can’t discuss the movie at the theater.’”

“Isolated Connectivity” was the first thing that came to mind when I heard that story. Folks today feel we are so connected, yet we are more isolated than ever before.

That took place years before the COVID-19 outbreak has almost forced the entire world to go into “Isolated Connectivity” under the new phrase “Social Distancing.” The major difference of course is “Isolated Connectivity” was a choice adopted by millions who enjoyed what they felt to be the privacy of their home and the virtual connectivity that kept folks screens apart. Today “Social Distancing” is not a choice. It is a must and a force to reckon with.

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