Respecting the M

Respect the M Social Media Presentation in Fulton Chapel.

My ‘Respect the M’ social media presentation in Fulton Chapel.

Given that I’ve only been in the “real world” for just over a year now, I haven’t had many opportunities to give presentations.

Recently, I was asked to give the social media section of the “Respect the M” presentation in student orientation sessions. At first, I was quite nervous not knowing what to expect and being unsure how incoming students would receive the message that I want trying to get across. But, after giving the presentation five times now, I think I’ve acquired public speaking as a new skill. It’s something I hope to do more of in the future.

Now about “Respect the M.” It’s a campaign launched over a year ago to give students a better understanding of the obligation they have to the university community. I was able to hear from many orientation leaders about what “Respect the M” meant to them, but never took the time to really reflect on what it meant to me.

When I think of what “Respect the M” means to me, I believe that every person on this campus is part of the “M.” Without all of those parts of the “M” this university would not be able to work the way it does. Being part of the “M” means a larger responsibility and also respecting others and treating them way that you want to be treated. It’s also knowing you can have an effect on the overall view of the “M” with just one wrong action.

Ole Miss is an amazing place where students, faculty, staff and alumni come together and form a family. If we all take a little time to live for the “M” we’ll help make our world a much better place.