UM Online Learning: 9 Tips to Make Transition Easier

With the online classroom officially getting started this week, here are nine helpful tips to make the transition a little easier.

TIP No. 1 | Create a morning routine

It’s important to get your day started off in the right direction. Even though you won’t have to go lock down a parking spot on campus, go ahead keep the habit of getting up early and getting ready for the day.

TIP No. 2 | Have a dedicated workspace

Maybe it’s your favorite study spot from your high school days… It will be helpful to find a consistent spot in your home to turn into your classroom space.

TIP No. 3 | Set ground rules with people in your home

Now that you will be taking your classes online, it will be important to explain to those in your home your new schedule and set expectations regarding your study time.

TIP No. 4 | Create a calendar to keep up with deadlines

The online classroom will be a major adjustment for everyone. Having your deadlines loaded up in a calendar will help you stay on top of your coursework.

TIP No. 5 | Set consistent times throughout the day for coursework

Creating normalcies will go a long way in finding success in the online classroom. It will be beneficial to make your daily schedule with consistent times dedicated to your coursework.

TIP No. 6 | Communicate with your professors

We have an amazing faculty, and they are on this journey with you. Have a question about your class? Don’t guess. Ask.

TIP No. 7 | Take breaks between coursework

This is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t overwork yourself. Take breaks. What are you currently binge watching?

TIP No. 8 | Know where to get help

There is a website dedicated to being your resource along the way throughout this transition. Be sure to check it out –

TIP No. 9 | Get up and move

Between coursework and binge watching your favorite shows, you will also need to add some physical activity. Find a workout routine you can do from home. Join a virtual fitness class. Just be sure to get up and move!