Thank A Teacher – David Rock

School of Education Dean David Rock thanks his mathematics teacher, Allan Bellman. To Thank a Teacher visit Video by Mary Stanton.

Pet Away Stress

UM Office of Health Promotions gave students a chance to relieve some stress the week by playing with some canine pals from the local humane society. Video by Mary Stanton.

Thank A Teacher

Find out how you can say thank you to an inspirational teacher and help out the future teachers of tomorrow. Video by Mary Stanton. To Thank a Teacher visit

Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning Visits Batson Children’s Hospital

New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning visited sick and injured kids at Batson Children’s Hospital in April 2012. The two-time Super Bowl MVP is no stranger to Mississippi’s only children’s hospital. It’s home to the Eli Manning Children’s Clinics. | by Jim Albritton.

Office of Sustainability

Established in July 2008, the Office of Campus Sustainability will build institutional learning capabilities in support of continual improvement in building design and operations, landscaping, procurement, energy and water conservation, waste minimization, recycling and service provision. We integrate sustainability principles across all operational areas of the university and collaborate with relevant sustainability education and researchRead the story …

NFSMI Welcomes White House Chef

Sam Kass, White House Assistant Chef, spoke with school chefs, dieticians, and directors at the NFSMI Second Annual Major Cities Training Symposium at Ole Miss today. Video by Mary Stanton.

A Great Place to Work – Sparky Reardon

University of Mississippi Dean of Students, Thomas J. “Sparky” Reardon explains why he feels Ole Miss is a great place to work. Video by Mary Stanton.

A Great Place to Work – David Allen

Pharmacy Dean, Dr. David Allen talks about how Ole Miss has become so special to him in the short time he’s been here. Video by Mary Stanton.

CME Receives $60,000 Endowment from MMA

The Mississippi Manufacturers Association donated $60,000 to the Center for Manufacturing Excellence to commemorate the MMA’s 60th anniversary. The money will go toward an endowment to provide scholarships to students applying the the CME. Video by Mary Stanton.

2012 Barksdale Awards

The Barksdale Awards were established to encourage students to test themselves in environments that don’t have the built-in safeties of a classroom, teaching lab or library. Vide by Nathan Latil