Homecoming 2012 Photos

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Photo Gallery: Ridge Dormitory

Construction and landscaping will be completed on Ridge Dorms just in time for Ole Miss student’s return this fall. Ridge Dormitory North, South and West replace the former Miller Hall Dorm and will house 862 students. Photo by Robert Jordan/Ole Miss Communications [AFG_gallery id=’16’]

Photo Gallery: Ole Miss Mid-South Cheer Camp

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Photo Gallery: Honors Orientation Day 1

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Photo Gallery: 2012 Staff Appreciation Week Activities

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Photo Gallery: Fun With Chemistry

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Exam and Graduation Week Photo Gallery

View photos from the 159th Commencement preparation and activities. (Click the image to enlarge) [AFG_gallery id=’6′]

2012 Double Decker Arts Festival

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2012 Sustainability Fair

View photos from the 2012 Sustainability Fair. View all.

Spring at Ole Miss

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