Library launches Summon discovery system

Photo by Kevin Bain/Ole Miss Communications

Photo by Kevin Bain/Ole Miss Communications

Beginning June 29, the J.D. Williams Library launched a new discovery system, Summon, which runs the One Search tool. Summon allows students to more efficiently search for resources through the J.D. Williams Library website.

One Search provides a much broader search,” said Kristin Rogers, electronic resources and discovery librarian. “You can put in one search term, and it will search everything we have access to and not (just) one journal or one database.”

From a user standpoint, the One Search tool allows students to search almost everything the library has access to with a single search. One Search not only searches online resources but also includes our local print titles and journals. Summon, via One Search, offers students a more versatile approach to research.

A committee was formed to decide whether to move back to Summon, which the library had used before, or choose a different discovery system.

Summon’s user feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with comments such as Summon “seemed to be more accessible” and the “refined search filters are easier to use.”

“Summon provides an easy way for library users to discover research resources,” said Gail Herrera, assistant dean for technical services and automation and professor of library science. “In reviewing discovery services, the library committee charged with reviewing products scored Summon as the top product.”

As for One Search, it has been enhanced so students will be able to see how many times a resource has been read or shared through social media platforms. This will allow students to browse feedback on the sources they are using so as to better choose articles or journals for their academic work. One Search also features a pop-up chat box for students to communicate with librarians if an issue arises.