Faculty Develop Device to Assist Stutters

Interdisciplinary work between three Ole Miss professors led to the development of a potentially revolutionary device in the communications science and disorders field. Video by Mary Stanton.

Three Student-Athletes Receive Highest Academic Honor At Ole Miss

OXFORD, Miss. – Ole Miss softball players Corrine Doornberg and Amanda Hutcheson and women’s tennis player Gabby Rangel were among 64 students honored with a Taylor Medal at the annual Honors Convocation Thursday night at the Ford Center for Performing Arts. The Taylor Medal is the highest academic honor a student can receive at theRead the story …

Researchers Aim to Use Brainwaves and Computers to Treat Brain-Based Disorders

OXFORD, Miss. – Imagine that stroke victims could use a small electronic device, controlled by their own brainwaves, to regain the ability to speak or walk. Or that epilepsy patients could use a similar device to control or even prevent seizures. UM researchers Dwight Waddell (left), Pamela Lawhead, Scott Gustafson and Yixin Chen are searchingRead the story …

MEDIA ADVISORY: UM student-athlete dies after collapsing during routine conditioning

Bennie F. Abram, 20, a nonscholarship athlete who transferred to the University of Mississippi from Itawamba Community College last fall, died today at Baptist Memorial Hospital-North Mississippi in Oxford.

Wii Fit May Not Help Families Get Fit

OXFORD, Miss. – The Nintendo Wii Fit many people are considering as Christmas gifts may be great entertainment, but a University of Mississippi study indicates the console has little effect on family fitness.