Nurse’s View of Parchman

Photos that look at Parchman prison in the 1930s through the eyes of a nurse employed at the facility are on display at the University Museum. Video by Margaret Ann Morgan.

Museum Presents ‘Yoga for Gardeners’ Workshop

OXFORD, Miss. – Ever spend a beautiful spring day working in the flower bed and wake up the next morning with a crick in your back? Or, spend a weekend mulching the vegetable garden and end up with sore shoulders that even a hot bath can’t fix? And, then there’s all that kneeling.

Oxford Eagle: Gift Supports Folk Art at UM

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University Museum Welcomes Contemporary Quilting Art

OXFORD, Miss. – The 19 quilts on display at the University of Mississippi Museum through July 6 do not fit the mold of traditional quilting art. At first glance, you may not even realize they are quilts.